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Wedding Gowns – How does one make the right choice? Silk, tulle, satin and lace – mere yards of fabric to some, but to every bride these threads are the heart of a romantic dream – her wedding gown. Wedding gowns have always been a highly symbolic garment, its colour, details, and accessories resonant with meaning. Unlike any other element of fashion, wedding gowns have a unique history and no other dress can match the poetic heritage of the gown or rival the sentimental attachment each bride has for her gown.

No bridal gown is naturally elegant, however; each one is painstakingly designed to achieve that state. The right fiber must be cut into the right shapes, which must be sewn together in the right manner and finished with the right detail – and each element must not only be right by itself, but to combine to be perfect together.


“The task of the designer is not merely to cut, but to sculpt and manipulate fabric to fit, mold, and drape a bride’s body – with the goal not to conceal but to glorify her.”


For most brides, the most difficult part of selecting the right wedding gown may be making a decision when so many choices abound.  Not only must it match the style of the wedding, the gown must also inspire and delight the bride. The diversity of choice of wedding gowns should not be overwhelming; rather, it should be empowering giving ideas and thoughts to the bride. Regardless of the religion and culture of the couple, the right wedding gown should look absolutely fabulous, be well made and reflects the bride’s own style. At the most basic level, no wedding dress is right unless the bride loves it.

The best wedding gown flatters but never overpowers the bride. It should make the bride look beautiful without distracting from her own radiance. Despite the ever-changing colors and differing lengths of hemlines in the fashion world over the years, it is amazing how little effects these have on the style of wedding gowns. Even today, the vast majority of brides opt for traditional white or a version of white such as ivory, oyster or cream; a long, floor-length style; and some kind of traditional head-dress and/or veil and almost every wedding dress is a unique masterpiece made exclusively for one woman.

To some woman, selecting a wedding gown that is able to flatter yet retain the brides beauty is somewhat seen as a chore and torture while to others, selecting a wedding gown that best fits may be seen as an enjoyment.

Whichever category you fall under, Wedding Gowns is the right place for you as an informative site that provides you with wedding related information as well as a directory site advertising Singapore’s wedding related businesses. With each wedding having its own unique and memorable celebration of job, love and commitment of a blissful couple, organizing and planning a wedding can be a mammoth task or any if left until the last minute.

To avoid the drama of stress, anxiety and frayed nerves on the actual day of the wedding itself, Wedding Gowns is here to ease your worries by providing you with a one-stop service centre with the essential information and directory to make your dream wedding ceremony come through. To cater to the needs of local wedding couples, we also provide a directory of services ranging from wedding dresses to wedding photographers.

“Although the bride is dressing for one perfect day, she is ultimately dressing for a lifetime.” The right choice of wedding gown is one that works for you and brings all different elements of your wedding day together.

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